Smart, sophisticated uPVC windows that accurately mimic wooden windows

All the authenticity of natural timber windows without the up-keep
Alternative to Timber Windows & Doors

uPVC windows and doors have been around now for 40 years and although the insulation values and the security they offer has developed enormously in that time there has always been one constant factor – you can tell it’s a uPVC window or door from a long way away!

This may not be a problem to many people but for some customers it was the sole reason for NOT changing their windows. In truth they really wanted to replace their old wood windows with new, near-identical wooden windows but the price, or the concerns about re-painting every 5 or 6 years put them off. Meanwhile all the uPVC options were so obviously plastic that they came nowhere close to being right for them or their home.

Help is at hand with our range of high-specification ‘Alternative to Timber’ windows and doors! These have been designed to replicate closely the appearance and the detail of original timber windows and doors.

These windows and doors are made from high-quality uPVC profiles so have none of the traditional concerns associated with timber. They will never need retreating or painting – something even our excellent range of high-performance timber windows and doors will need during their lifetime.

By paying careful attention to the aesthetic details of the traditional wooden products, radically changing the way in which the windows are constructed, developing a great range of wood-grain foils and coloured finishes and offering a wide range of traditional as well as contemporary ironmongery, the finished effect is a range of products that is difficult to differentiate from timber.

Gone are the unsightly 45-degree welds in the corners of the frames. Gone are the heavy overlapping sashes with wide profiles. Gone is the shiny blue-white plastic finish. Gone are the glued-on sash horns.

So now, with the Alternative to Timber Collection, we can offer the nearest thing to traditional wooden joinery in low-maintenance uPVC.

Blackthorn Choices has gained an enviable reputation for the high quality of our custom-made windows and for the skill and attention to detail of our installation teams.