Alternative to timber casement windows
Alternative to Timber Casement Windows

Our Alternative to Timber Casement windows are designed and built to replicate the appearance of traditional timber casements.

Timber Alternative Casement Windows

They feature the Flush Sash design of traditional windows and are manufactured with “Timber-Look” mechanical joints to closely mimic the appearance of timber windows. The modern construction techniques used to manufacture these frames allows for a variety of different internal profiles meaning they are equally suited to a contemporary home or a traditional property.

Made from a range of different high-quality uPVC profiles these windows have none of the practical concerns associated with timber windows over their lifespan. The windows will never need retreating or painting whilst even our range of high-performance timber windows will need a degree of care and maintenance over the years.

Our Alternative to Timber Casement windows are available with different frame depths, from 70mm to 100mm – in order to replicate the varying depths of older timber frames whilst still being able to meet the need for shallow frame depths in most contemporary homes.

Alternative to Timber Casement Windows

As standard they are double-glazed, achieving an “A” energy rating, with triple glazing an available upgrade. All of these windows incorporate high-performance multi-point locks which not only secure the sash into the frame but also ensure the seals are compressed to prevent draughts.

To suit individual tastes this range of windows is available in both smooth and wood-grain foiled finishes and in a variety of different colours and wood effects. These windows are also available with a dual colour finish.

To further personalise your windows a wide range of handles – traditional and contemporary – is available along with dummy or working stay arms and butt hinges. Patterned glass is available in a wide range of styles along with astragal bars and a variety of different cills.

Personalised Windows