Composite Entrance Doors
Composite Entrance Doors

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Composite (adjective) - made up of various parts or elements

Blackthorn Choices is delighted to offer this stunning range of high-specification, UK-manufactured Composite Doors with the UK’s widest range of designs and options.

Composite Entrance Door example

Composite Door Structure & Colours

These doors comprise a solid timber core and a durable ABS skin and are available in a wide range of designs both Traditional and Contemporary. With a choice of over 20 colours which can be different inside to outside, these doors are a great addition to any home.

The ABS door covering is the same colour all the way through meaning that knocks or scratches will not show up as readily as a surface-painted coating. ABS has a strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and/or physical impacts.

Whilst many composite doors are only foam-filled, these doors have a solid timber core which gives them tremendous strength and the reassuringly solid feel that that you want when opening and closing them.

As well as the wide range of designs and colours, you can personalise your door by selecting from over 30 glass options.

And finally, the ironmongery - handles, door knockers, letter-plates and door viewers are available in both a Traditional range and Contemporary range of options.